Top 7 Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews 2019 – 2020

Electric shock dog collar is a device that is designed using a ring that’s tied around the neck of a pet dog and delivers a little jolt of electricity to the throat. The intention of the dog shock collar also known as an e collar is to help train the dogs and dissuade them from misbehaving. Others names incorporate remote training collar or Zap collars.

Best Electric Shock Dog Collar Reviews

1: SportDog SD-425 Shock

The SportDog SD-425 Shock Collar is designed for the everyday trainer. It includes the collar receiver and a transmitter for training the pet acceptable. The transmitter delivers an assortment. It weighs only 3.3 oz that does not precise much weight on the dog’s throat. It’s waterproof which protects the electric parts.

SportDog SD-425 Shock Collar


  • Has a remote transmitter and transmitter-receiver
  • Running guide for beginners is available
  • Charging adaptor is available to charge the rechargeable battery when it’s depletes
  • A training whistle to enhance on training and remove dependence on the e collar Just is available
  • It weighs 1.8 pounds

SportDog SD-425 5 PROS & CONS

  • The machine comes with a total remote transmitter and collar receiver
  • It is waterproof up to a depth of 25 ft
  • A whistle is available to improve training
  • The machine comes with a training manual and DVD to help newbie and advanced users also
  • It comes with a petite clicker which enhances positive reinforcement
  • The battery recharging system may be unsatisfactory as you need to remove the collar to control it
  • The 1.8 pounds of the collar can be a little heavy on young dogs
  • It has 7 levels of stimulation compared to other versions

Last Words

The Sport Dog SD-425 Shock Collar is your ideal option for any pet owner. It has a training manual and DVD. A whistle and coaching clicker is a part of the package to help train the dog. It’s waterproof protecting the electric components. All in all, the SportDog SD-425 Shock Collar Is a Superb investment.

2: SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer

The SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer comes with a rechargeable system that ensures that the electricity is available. It offers a 300-yard range that’s perfect for training the puppy in ways that are various. It is waterproof up to 25 ft that’s helpful if your dog is being trained by you to hunt and track. It’s a very low battery detect feature which warns that the user for recharging 15, allowing. It is intended for dogs with a weight of more and 8 pounds.

SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer


  • This e collar is designed to offer basic training and versatility and ruggedness of an Innovative dog trainer
  • It offers an assortment of 300 yards which is useful for Coaching and managing the pet
  • It’s eight degrees of stimulation both continuous and momentary
  • It’s a tone feature which offers continuous communication
  • It weighs 1 pound and contains the following measurements — 3.9 by 7.7 by 9 inches

SportDOG SD-350 5 PROS & CONS

  • The receiver and transmitter are waterproof to a depth of 25 ft
  • It’s a low battery detect feature which warns the user once the battery needs recharging
  • 8 levels of stimulation are available
  • The rechargeable battery system ensures electricity is available consistently
  • It is designed for dogs weighing 8 pounds and more
  • The battery recharging system can be disappointing if you are training the dog outside in the field and not near the home
  • The range provided is not suitable for training a puppy on a large open field
  • You need to take the collar off so as to recharge

Last Words

The SportDOG SD-350 YardTrainer is a great e collar. It has features like receiver ad transmitter low battery indicator and guide. Using this dog shock collar is likely to provide the desired effects.

3: Aetertek at-219 Dog Shock Collar

The Aetertek At-219 Dog Shock Collar receiver is waterproof without damaging the electrical components and your pet can even swim in it. It is multifunctional with vibration, shock and caution beeping tone capacities. It’s a variety of 1095 yards that’s equal to 1000 meters. It has 10 degrees of stimulation using an LCD display that shows correction amounts and dog style. It is suitable for use among dogs’ weight 15 pounds.

Aetertek at-219 Dog Shock Collar


  • It has a built-in 3.7-volt polyester lithium battery
  • It comes with a mic and remote device with an antenna
  • A charging adaptor is available to control the battery
  • One user guide is available to help newbie’s
  • It weighs 1.2 pounds

Aetertek at-219 5 PROS & CONS

  • The transmitter has an easy to push button and LCD display which makes it user-friendly
  • The receiver is watertight allowing the puppy to swim with it
  • The adjustable strap allows the collar to match on dogs weighing between 15 pounds and 150 lbs
  • Its multi-functional modes including shock, vibration and caution beep tone
  • Can be used as a 1 dog, two dog remote training collar
  • The 6-month guarantee supplied is too short
  • It comes with a user manual but no coaching manual or DVD like other versions
  • The remote turns off to save battery power which can be inconveniencing to the pet owner through coaching

Last Words

If you’re looking for an e collar with 10 stimulation levels, built-in rechargeable battery, waterproof receiver, provides a variety of 1000 meters, has multifunctional styles and LCD screen, then you want to buy the Aetertek At-219 Dog Shock Collar. It is an e collar for your dog.

4: Ounuo Dog Shock Collar ( 660 Yards )

The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar is made for individuals that are looking for a pet shock collar that was basic. The version has 3 modes: tone, vibration and shock. If your pups like to play at poolside or the beach, this is the best waterproof dog shock collar use it with no worries. The practice range is broad, as well as 660 yards, but maybe shorter when the puppy is in the water.

This collar is made with technology which adds to the ability to control 2 receivers at one time. The touchpoints are constructed from surgical stainless steel that’s coated with skin-friendly silicone. In general, this model is perfect for the individual who is in the market for a simple, easy to use dog training device.

The transmitter is simple to use, with a button for every mode: tone, vibration, and shock. The transmitters LCD screen keeps you informed of the training procedure. The ergonomic layout of this transmitter is based on a timeless, comfortable concave-convex layout, so it is easy to grasp and difficult to drop. If you’re concerned about operations that are false, do not be, since this collar has a time out protection period for 10 seconds.

The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar Remote Dog Training Collar comes with the transmitter, receiver, charger, belt, splitter cable, and test light, dog whistle, touch stage, and neck strap. Customer service is available for individuals who have questions during the training period.

Ounuo Dog Shock Collar ( 660 Yards )


  • Includes a training distance of 660 yards
  • Transmitter and receiver are waterproof
  • Two-hour quick charge the lithium-poly battery
  • Touchpoints are coated with a silicone substance
  • 3 coaching manners: vibration, shock, and tone

Ounuo Dog Shock Collar 5 PROS & CONS

  • 10-second time-out feature
  • 660 yard Array
  • Can control up to 2 Puppies
  • Transmitter and receiver are rechargeables
  • 3 modes: Tone, vibration and shock
  • May not hold a charge long enough to some users
  • Intensity levels are too high

Last Words

The Ounuo Dog Shock Collar includes 3 modes: Tone can easily train 2 dogs at once and shock. The plan is watertight, and receiver and the transmitter are rechargeables using a charging Li-Poly battery. Advanced technology that was RF434Mhz powers A 660-yard training array. Contact points are covered by skin silicone for comfort. 10 next time-out functions make for safe operation. Ease of use makes this version one people may have a look at if they are simply interested in basic behaviour modification methods.

5: Aetertek Professional Dog Collar

Occasionally we happen to fall in love with a big, strong and very energetic dog that has a mind of her or his own. You need a training device that can manage it, and if this is the situation, then the Aetertek Professional Dog Shock Collar may do the job for you.

The Aetertek shock collar includes a large range of 1000 meters, or 1093 yards and uses electromagnetic induction technology, 100 per cent waterproof. Transmitter and the receiver are both rechargeables. The transmitter includes both rubber-coated antenna and switches to withstand usage. The recipient is lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable. This model includes modes and an automobile anti-bark attribute: shock, vibration, and tone.

The easy to read LCD screen keeps you informed about levels and modes. The TPU strap functions for dogs up to 150 pounds. The Aetertek collars are licensed to fulfil both EU standards and USA. This collar comes with a 1 year, manufacturer’s warranty that is unconditional.

Aetertek Professional Dog Collar


  • Anti-bark feature
  • 3 correctional methods: vibrate, beep, shock
  • Useful for large, stubborn puppies
  • 1-kilometre remote range control
  • Simple to read LCD screen

Aetertek Professional Dog Collar 5 PROS & CONS

  • The transmitter is simple to use and manage
  • Could be used with 2 dogs
  • Transmitter has a durable, rubber-coated antenna and switches
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Outstanding customer support available 24/7
  • The collar may elongate and may come off
  • Batteries will need to be recharged often

Last Words

Aetertek Professional Dog Pet Shock Collar, version 919C is for medium to large dogs, also works nicely for stubborn dogs that bolt, yank on the leash or have trouble coming when called. These are the most powerful dog shock collar. This collar has 3 settings: Beep, shock and vibrate. The 919C has a feature that is no-bark that is a built-in automobile. Easy to read LCD screen and a 1 km variety make this a great training device for beaches, walks and park visits. If you love that big, gorgeous dog having a lively temperament, but want some assistance then we suggest this version can work for you.

6: OutstandingPet LR-800M Shock Collar

The OutstandingPet LR-800M Dog Shock Collar offers reliability and power thanks. It supplies a variety of yards and uses both innovative frequency and higher distance radio technologies.

It’s waterproof so that it’s suitable for use outside come rain or sunshine. It has. Two modes are available — vibration and stimulation with 10 levels of adjustable correction. It’s designed for dogs weighing 15 lbs.

OutstandingPet LR-800M Shock Collar


  • Has 10 levels of adjustable electrical stimulation and vibration mode
  • The collar may be corrected to 23 inches
  • Come with a 1-year warranty
  • It’s an inbuilt lithium-ion battery
  • It weighs 12.8 ounces


  • It’s waterproof making it convenient for use outside
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • 2 manners are available namely vibration and electrical stimulation with 10 progressive levels
  • Utilizes both innovative low frequency and higher distance radio technology
  • Has a range of 875 yards acceptable for outdoor puppy training
  • The weight of 12.8 oz can be thick on young puppies
  • It takes 3 hours to charge the battery of the receiver
  • Does not have a tone attribute

Last Words

The OutstandingPet LR-800M Dog Shock Collar as its name implies is an outstanding e collar for training your own dog. It has a variety of yards, Lithium-ion battery that is in-built the receiver strap is flexible and it’s waterproof. You can’t ever go wrong when you buy the OutstandingPet LR-800M Dog Shock Collar.

7: WIFLI® Remote Dog Collar

The WIFLI® Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is perfect for training your pet. It’s 3 training modes and 16 stimulation levels that allow instruction of basic commands like sit, stay and shake.

The remote control device has easy to use buttons with an LCD display that’s backlit and reveals various dog modes. It’s waterproof preventing damage to the recipient or shocks into the pet. It has a lifetime replacement warranty against product defects promising you of a very long lifespan.

WIFLI Remote CollarFeatures:

  • The receiver weighs 15.2 ounces
  • It comes with a back-lit LCD Screen
  • It includes both the receiver and transmitter
  • Has 3 training modes and 16 stimulation levels
  • Includes a built-in rechargeable battery

WIFLI Remote Dog Collar

WIFLI® Remote Dog Collar 5 PROS & CONS

  • 3 coaching modes and 16 stimulation amounts are available ideals for different training modes
  • The lifetime replacement guarantee against product defects ensures long-term
  • It is watertight which ensures that the security of this receiver
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Has 450-yard range offering you ample training space
  • The collar has a weight of 15.2 ounces that’s heavy compared to other versions
  • The 450-yard range is minimal and not suitable for training hunting dogs
  • It is not an automatic dog barking collar

Last Words

The WIFLI® Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is not only intended for your pet but also for your owner too. Its waterproof has 3 coaching 16 stimulation levels, manners, has a range of 475 yards using a simple to use. You can never go wrong.

How do shock collars work?

Shocks are tactics to motivate the dog to stop doing what it’s doing and figure out an alternative. Some parents spank a kid if they misbehave; they’re not hurting them but are making them conscious of the mistake. The same is true for a dog shock collar. It’s to be kept in mind that these collars are not to be used abusively.

The dog collar is used round its neck and it is made sure the collar has its own contact points touching the neck. If the collar is loose, you’re assumed to tighten it without making it hard for the own dog to breathe. The contact points on the neck would be the recipients, which gets activated if it meets specific criteria such as the barking of the dog or if your dog gets too close to a perimeter.

Some parents spank with a handheld remote. The remote is used to short shocks to correct a behaviour or constant shocks to train it to do a specific job. Aside from the shock stimulation, there are other means of letting a dog know about its misdoings. These include visual stimuli like LEDs, sensory stimulation such as a protracted beeping sound or vibratory stimulation. It’s always suggested to use the shock action only when other methods show an unresponsive behaviour.

While utilizing the static shock actions, the stimulation should be just enough to receive your pooch to react to it. A slight twitch of your dog’s mind or even a prick of its ear will indicate that the device is on the ideal setting.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Shock Collar:

There are several things which are to be considered while getting your pooch a shock collar. We’ve listed out these tips that will ensure you to find the right kind of shock collar for the dog.

  1. Intended use: The first and foremost standards which need to be fulfilled while selecting a dog shock collar is if it works based on the planned function. For working dogs or show dogs, one needs to receive a strong and durable training collar that could withstand the degree of training. A normal aggressive dog doesn’t need such collars and would do with a simpler shock collar.
  2. Stimuli modes/Multiple signals: For the security of your pooch make certain your dog collar is equipped with signalling modes. There should be at least 3-4 distinct stimuli which might include the light mode along with audio, vibratory and shock stimuli. Many dog owners report that a positive response to the alternative stimulation apart from the shock actions so the shock stimulation must be avoided as much as possible.
  3. Level of stimulation: This step usually has to be researched more when it comes to getting a quality dog shock collar to your pooch. Advancements in technology have led manufacturers to be able to build shock collars with better processors that enable the consumer to control the intensities of jolt minutely. This becomes a crucial factor considering the wellness of your dog since it can help you to fine-tune stimuli.
  4. Maximum range: The dog collar ought to effectively receive signals from the distance in the desirable range and in the correct moment. It’s a crucial factor when you’re using it on a hunting dog in the wild to protect it from several other wild animals and such dangers. If you live in a smaller area, the selection should be enough to keep the puppy within your living area and from harm’s way.
  5. Waterproofing: These best waterproof dog shock collar come in handy if your puppy loves to run around in the rain or when you would like to attend a beach or river. If you do not have a dog which does all that it is better to save some money by investing in additional non-waterproof variants.
  6. Ease of use: This variable is of the utmost importance if you’re a first time user. The remote must have clear indications of the action it does and dedicated buttons. This goes a long way in creating the unfamiliar collar user less prone to unwanted tension and confusion.

Are Dog Shock Collars Are Safe?

There’s a rationale as to why the dog shock collar manufacturers provide additional stimulation manners to some dog shock collar. An electric shock however minuscule will harm the tissues when it gets in contact with the electrodes. The tissue damage, however, is not visible as it happens in their inherent layer. The frequent use of a shock collar is guaranteed to harm your dog’s skin. Even if your pooch does not complain or yelp in pain it doesn’t mean he cannot feel it.

There is no objective proof of this pet shock collar not damaging your pooch. It’s undoubtedly advised not to drop for terms like” Humane” from the advertising, there is nothing humanely about passing electrical shocks through a body. Using shock collars as a training device is most controversial as there is a chance of misuse and abuse.

Dogs learn through associative training. Likewise the dog tends to associate with the shock stimuli to assist him in studying. This could occasionally result in an unwanted association of shock and some other coincidental stimuli making the dog much more aggressive.

The dog might begin linking the pain caused by these shocks to the existence of its owner. This injury the bond between dog and owner immensely. This happens because of regular use of high-intensity shocks that novice trainers unknowingly dispense them onto. Automated dog shock collars may seem suitable to most of us but it’s the highest danger of overtraining.

Keep In Mind These Below Points While Using Dog Shock Collar

  • The collar should not be left in your dog for over 12 hours.
  • If at all possible, assess your puppy’s neck every two hours for damage and reposition the collar.
  • Maintain the dog neck wash and clean the connections each week to avoid the accumulation of germs and dirt.
  • Should you discover rashes, swelling or redness on your pet’s skin, then stop using the shock collar and if the condition still prevails for more than two days, take him to a vet.
  • Use the collar only while training your dog.

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