5 Best GPS Dog Collar Reviews 2020

If you are a dog owner, and you think that your pet dog or puppy will never escape or run off then you are wrong. Unfortunately, you will never know if your dog could get lost or even stolen. Your dog can slip out the front door, dig a hole under the fence, or break loose while outside on a walk when you least expect it. The GPS dog training collar gives you peace of mind that if your pet does escape, then you’ve got a simple method to find him. You don’t need to look for him in the neighborhood, post flyers, or get the local animal shelter. Simply open your app or monitoring device to locate.

This GPS monitoring device is also useful when taking your pet along on hikes or camping trips. If your pet bolts or have lost in unfamiliar surroundings, you always locate it through the GPS tracker.

Microchipping your pet dog is essential. Any animal shelters or rescue team will check for the chip when they find your lost dog. However, not all owners remember to enroll their pet’s microchip or to upgrade their information if they move or get a new phone number. Because of this, many microchips don’t supply the necessary information to reunite with their pet.

This makes a GPS collar, even more significant. A GPS collar provides complete information about your pet’s location. This helps increase your capability to locate your lost dog in any situation. Best yet — it makes it possible to locate your dog fast before something more serious or fatal may happen. This why it is highly recommended to use a GPS tracking dog collar to protect your lovely pet dog from getting lost.

Who needs GPS dog collar the most

  • Every dog owner should buy a GPS collar for his dog.
  • Hunters should also buy this GPS tracker for hunting dogs because their hunting dog might get lost in the thick forest.
  • Hikers need this monitoring GPS collar because it is reported repeatedly that people lost their dog while hiking.

Points to be considered before buying a GPS collar

  1. It should have long battery time so that it remains operational when you are locating your dog exact location because if its charging expires, then it will be quite difficult for you to find your lost dog.
  2. It should be waterproof and heat-resistance. Good quality GPS collar, last more than an ordinary collar.
  3. You can access the location of your lost dog from different devices like your computer, apps, etc. from where you can get real-time updates about your lost dog location the collar should be supportive for different devices as I have mentioned.
  4. GPS collar should be light and comfortable for dogs in this way your pet will remain calm while wearing it.

GPS dog training collar reviews

1: Tractive GPS pet tracker

Best GPS Dog Training CollarTractive GPS pet tracker is a superb alternative if you live in town or suburbs and have a puppy who likes to ramble. Its live-tracking mode lets you see where your puppy has traveled and where it is heading. It is also possible to install a secure zone via the app and get a text alert in case it renders the area. You must be in the selection of a mobile tower for this particular GPS dog tracker to operate — and pay a monthly support fee. Tractive is a good puppy GPS tracker on the current market, but if you’re on a limited budget and don’t require GPS in very remote areas, you need to give it some thought.


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker 10 PROS & CONS

  • Easy to set up and activate
  • Lightweight apparatus for puppy’s nine pounds or more
  • Get text alerts if your puppy leaves its safe zone
  • Compatible with IOS, android and windows smartphones
  • Batteries last two to five days, plus it fully recharges in two hours
  • GPS apparatus relies on cell service, so it doesn’t work out of a cell tower array
  • You should pay a monthly service charge ($5-$7)
  • Some consumer complaints about short battery life

2: Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 dog GPS

The Garmin Alpha 100 is a costly, fully-loaded GPS dog tracker which packs a serious punch. This track comes with all the bells and whistles — including a collar, highly-sensitive GPS, LED beacon light, rescue mode, stimulations (tone and vibration), and a handheld monitoring apparatus. The Garmin Alpha 100 does not connect to your smartphone, so there will be no subscription fee. For those who train or hunt, you are able to track up to 20 dogs at a time on this device.

If you’re a serious hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or coach — the Garmin Alpha 100 could be well worth the hefty price-tag. It includes all the bells and whistles a high quality GPS dog collar should, however, and has plenty of happy clients. This GPS tracker for dogs has no monthly fee.

Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 dog GPS

Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 dog GPS 2 PROS & CONS

  • There’s a one-time investment cost for your Garmin Alpha 100
  • Rescue mode may prolong the life span of your battery up to 45 hours
  • This collar is extremely expensive
  • Also a bit larger and more complicated than a lot of the other devices
  • While it is rechargeable, the normal battery life is Just 24-hours

3: Link AKC smart dog collar with GPS tracker

Link AKC smart dog collar with GPS trackerThe link AKC smart dog collar with GPS Tracker is a collar-type tracker. It uses mobile services through the AT&T system to keep tabs on your dog’s place, activity, and more. The stylish, durable, completely watertight collar comes in two options: sport and classic. The classic collar is constructed of classic Italian leather, although the sports collar is made from reflective stretch fabric for busy pups. This GPS tracker is both fast and precise and monitors your pup’s location in real time. In addition, it features customized activity recommendations from the American kennel club and monitors your puppy’s moves. You can also record and share special walks and hikes with your dog. Another exceptional characteristic of the link tracker is that it can detect if your puppy is in an environment that’s too hot or too cold and will send you an alert. It requires that the installation of an app (available for downloading on IOS and Android) along with a monthly service fee.

Reviewers love that it monitors their pup with superior accuracy. Due to the real time GPS tracking, owners see that they are never an instant supporting their puppy’s moves. Reviewers also enjoy that the hyperlink collar stays put. They never have to think about the device falling off since it is part of this collar. They also enjoy the user-friendly program that keeps track of the dog’s place and lets them know if their puppy leaves their designated safe areas instantaneously.

Link AKC smart dog collar 8 PROS & CONS

  • The battery lasts around 2 times
  • Unit expandable up to ten dogs
  • Waterproof around three feet
  • Receive alarms if your pet leaves secure zone
  • Free upsize if you’re puppy outgrows its collar
  • Battery clips on and off the collar, so it’s easy to charge immediately
  • Lightweight
  • It is low cost
  • Relies on AT&T mobile service
  • Just works in the U.S.
  • You should pay a monthly service fee ($6.95 to $9.95)
  • Not suggested for puppies under ten lbs
  • Many reviews of this under performing

4: DOTT the smart dog tag

DOTT the smart dog tag DogDOTT smart dog tag is your ideal GPS dog tracker for budget-friendly pet owners that don’t want to sacrifice quality for the price. The DOTT monitors your puppy’s place through Bluetooth, not cellular support. As a consequence, that you won’t have to pay for monthly support, but the range is smaller compared to that of a mobile tracker (about. 8 of a mile). The tracker electronically connects with Apple or Android devices with a very small tag that connects to a pet’s collar. Digital missing pet broadcasts are supplemented from the community network service. DOTT includes a battery life of 6 to 9 months. DOTT also lets you monitor walks, potty breaks, and medically healthy.

Reviewers love the gadget is small and compact and fits easily on their pet’s collar. The program is simple to set up and sync with this apparatus. Reviewers also like that it monitors their pet’s activity readily through the app in order that they can tell just how much daily exercise their furry friend receives.

DOTT the smart dog tag

DOTT smart dog tag 4 PROS & CONS

  • Six to eight month battery life
  • Action and pet health tracking
  • No subscription fee
  • Lost pet telling platform
  • No GPS — has to be within a certain selection of devices
  • Activity monitoring isn’t automatic; manually-created records
  • Android variant still in beta

5: Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker

Whistle 3 GPS pet trackerThe Whistle 3 is an improvement on previous versions of this system that separated the GPS tracker and action monitor into two different devices. This release is a single, streamlined unit that fits on any collar or harness that is 1 inch in width.

This watertight smart dog collar tracker utilizes AT&T’s mobile network to relay information back to your Smartphone. Including notifications about leaving a pre-defined protected place, which piggybacks on your way-fi connection and makes certain that your puppy is near home constantly? Additionally, it includes daily activity information, which can be tailored to your pup’s age, strain, and weight. These notifications may be sent via program, text, or even email.

After a charge of two hours, this will last depending on usage. Being that it utilizes a major provider’s network, there’s a monthly subscription fee starting at $6.95, like the Link AKC above. This is managed within the program and doesn’t require another contract. Whistle also provides above-average customer assistance, should you have any queries or issues.

Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker 4 PROS & CONS

  • Works on any collar up to one inch broad
  • Waterproof quality
  • Defined “Whistle Zone” alarms you when the pet leaves the area
  • See excursions your dog took in the past 24 hours
  • GPS tracker requires monthly service program for connectivity — starting at $6.95 a month
  • Not perfect for dogs less than eight pounds
  • Battery life (seven days maximum) shortened by very active GPS use
  • A bit pricey considering you still will need to supply your own collar


In general, all of the GPS trackers on our list will get the work done for monitoring your dog. The one you need depends on your needs. If we needed to pick a general favorite, then we would pick the Garmin Astro 430/T.

But if you reside in an area with cell phone service, then you have a couple more options. Our favorite choice is your Link AKC intelligent collar. It has a fitness monitoring app on it too, so it is possible to see exactly how much exercise your dog receives daily. There really isn’t anything to complain about using the collar.

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