An Overview How Can Cooling Vest Can Protect Your Dog in Summer

Summer warmth has the exact same effect on dogs as it does on humans: heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Dogs have very few sweat glands (from the pads of their feet) and don’t sweat to cool their bodies such as humans. They pant in an effort to release excess heat.  In extreme temperatures and heat, panting may not be adequate to keep them cool, so pet owners will need to step in to aid their pet manage the heat.  In addition to providing shade with plenty of cool drinking water and access, owners can utilize pet cooling collars and dog cooling vests to assist their companions stay comfortable in hot weather.

How Dog Cooling Vests Work

Dog cooling vests work on the exact same principle that the body uses to remain cool: evaporation.  The perspiration evaporates, taking with it body warmth, when a person perspires.  Because it comprises a layer of fabric that absorbs and locks in water that evaporates over time, carrying the dog body heat A vest works in much the exact same way.   Cooling vests can literally cool a dog from the inside out all day by pulling excess heat from the pet’s bloodstream and distributing the coolness evenly throughout the entire body.   The vital area to cool on a puppy is its chest and neck.  This is the reason cooling collars and the cooling vests work to keep your dog cool.


A key quality of dog cooling is their design.  Made from exceptionally breathable fabrics like 100 percent cotton, which may hold up to 400 times its weight in water and can be nontoxic therefore it doesn’t result in irritation and isn’t harmful if chewed, these vests are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  While the water repellent layer keeps Fido dry and nice the nylon outer coating dries fast.  It is critical not to trap heat, but to allow it to escape through the evaporation magical of this inner cotton layer.

Cooling Vest Sizing

Dog cooling systems are made to suit a dog from its neck to the base of its tail, so covering all crucial organs.  Finding the right size is essential so the vest is comfortable to wear and gives the cooling effect.  The most important factor in deciding the proper size vest for a dog is its girth (the dimensions in inches round the dog’s torso).  Appropriate fit around will guarantee proper cooling where it is needed.  In determining size the next factor will be the length of the puppy’s back.  Dog cooling vests are sold to extra-extra large dimensions — set in inches for the girth of their dog.

Difficult to Fit Dogs

Some dogs, such as pitbull, may be tricky to fit.  Because they are somewhat large around with big necks and bodies that are short, it may be necessary to forgo the cooling system and use a dog heating pad instead.  Some dogs don’t like water, so the system is a fantastic alternative, as it doesn’t need the use of water to trigger its properties.  Dog cooling collars are just another option for maintaining hard to match dogs comfortable in hot, humid weather.

Dog cooling vests and pet cooling collars are a great way to ensure the protection of your dog during warm, humid conditions or a vest can provide additional cooling comfort to ward off heat stroke or heat exhaustion and potentially save your dog’s life If cool drinking water and color aren’t enough.  Make sure you measure carefully when trimming your pet to ensure proper match so the vest can efficiently provide it to the cooling security is intended to do.  Proper dog training is also essential.

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